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One thought on “Student Work

  1. Melissa Berry 02/04/2013 at 11:02 PM Reply

    Nice applied visualization by Grevet et al in Design Evaluation of a Social Visualization Aimed at Encouraging Sustainable Behavior. This group did not design their own interface or run a study with a sample that could ever be called representative, their heart was in the right place. They evaluated the psychosocial impact various types of visualizations could have on a person’s environmental stewardship. Most likely with a larger study they could show a bit more convincingly that social visualization can increase participation by promoting both collectivism and competition.

    While I initially thought the picture with the overlay of blocks representing different neighborhoods or dorms at various opacities based on their “green” behaviors was a nice visualization, I soon began to wonder: “is this better than a map?” An eventually realized, no, it is not. It requires the user to read all the names and the organization of names is not obvious and certainly would not be accessible to a person unfamiliar with the groups represented in the graphic.

    Since the environment is a hot button issue for me, I like the idea behind the paper, but it leaves obvious room for improvement.

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